Die Autoren hinter ReadWriteWeb stellen immer zum Jahresende eine Liste mit Vorhersagen und Prognosen für das kommende Jahr zusammen.
Das iPhone kommt hier gleich 5 mal vor:

There will be a breakthrough consumer application for Internet of Things – involving the iPhone, tags and a major consumer product such as books or groceries. In general Internet of Things will ramp up in 2010, with thousands more everyday objects becoming connected to the Internet.

The iPhone still rules and grabs more mobile market share than ever before.

iPhone App backlash begins. There are too many worthless apps and no decent way to find the good ones. Then Apple surprises us with a brand-new feature that improves greatly upon their „genius“ offering to help us find new and useful apps via iTunes.

iTunes announces a web service, thanks to the Lala acquisition.

iPhone’s exclusivity with AT&T will come to a breaking point and we’ll see network-agnostic iPhones.

iPhone, Android or the Blackberry? I expect the Android to be the talk of the enterprise, especially if the Google Phone does make it to market. Such a phone would eliminate carrier costs and break down walled gardens that have limited application development.

iPhones and other smartphones become the purchasing tool of choice.

Wir sind gespannt, welche dieser Einschätzungen wirklich zutreffen werden, und was in Sachen Apple und iPhone 2010 auf uns zu kommt.

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