Scott Herhold, Kolumnist bei den Mercury News, zieht Bilanz über die letzten 10 Jahre, und die 10 bedeutendsten Stories der letzten 10 Jahre.
Gleich nach Platz 1, dem Aufstieg Googles zum Suchgiganten, kommt – einen Platz vor der Bankenkrise – die Vorstellung des iPhone:

SMARTPHONES: A single moment set the parameters for this story: On Jan. 9, 2007, at a gathering of the faithful in San Francisco, Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. So-called „smartphones“ had surfaced before — devices that could take pictures, surf the Web and send e-mail. The iPhone made it simple and popular, even though you had to swallow a communications package from AT&T to get it. In less than three years, more than 87,000 apps were written for the iPhone. By decade’s end, Apple’s competitors, such as Research in Motion, had come up with their own sophisticated offerings. In the future, the dominant computing platform is likelier to be in your pocket or purse than on your desk.

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