In some implementations, a contact 610 can temporarily appear on a mobile device 100 when the mobile device 100 is within a determined proximity of a contact host. The contact host can be a server or device operated by an individual, entity or service capable of providing the icon and related application information. In the present example, the contact host is a server operated by a coffee house called „Rocket Java“. An alert can be presented on the mobile device 100 to indicate that a temporary contact or application is available to the mobile device 100. In one example, the alert can have two options: „dismiss“ and „view contact.“ After the contact has been viewed, other options can be presented, including options like „add to local contacts“ or „save to the home screen.“

Schon vor kurzem wurde ein Patentantrag bekannt, mit dem Apple schon bald Google Latitude-ähnliche Dienste

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