Yahoo! kürte kürzlich die „Top 10 Obsessions of 2010„, und zeigte damit auf, welche Personen/Persönlichkeiten, Parteien, Gadgets und Pop-Culture Phänomene so ständig online beobachtet werden, dass es fast schon an Besessenheit grenzt.

Auf Platz 1 dieser Liste: Das .

Apple iPhone 4

(…) Then Apple did what it's famous for, developing a new, improved product to ignite our obsession all over again. The arrived on the scene surrounded by enough controversy, industrial espionage, and rumormongering to make it worthy of a John le Carre spy novel (and a Top 10 Search on Yahoo!). The flames of desire were fanned early due to an iPhone 4 prototype that appeared on the tech blog Gizmodo. The blogger said he'd found the phone in a bar, and he posted photos and details. Apple responded swiftly, reporting the prototype stolen. An investigation was launched, including a search and seizure at the Gizmodo editor's home. The cat was out of the bag, and the public — particularly the tech community — anxiously waited to get its hands on the new model. (…)

Auch das kommt in der Auflistung nicht zu kurz, und belegt stolz den 3. Platz in der Reihung.

Apple iPad

After years of speculation and rumors about Apple's work on a tablet device, CEO Steve Jobs finally presented the „magical and revolutionary“ iPad to the world in January. Jokes about the name hit the Web, sending „iTampon“ soaring as a Twitter trending topic. But the mocking faded as our fascination with Apple's newest product took hold…