Einen interessanten Einblick über den Werdegang des Apple-Verizon-Deals gibt CEO Lowell McAdam gegenüber Bloomberg.

iPhone 4 bei Verizon

Einige Ausschnitte:

The companies erected Verizon cellular towers at 's Cupertino, California, headquarters to check the phone's signal and avoid the reliability troubles of the at AT&T.

Engineers from Apple and Verizon worked very closely together throughout product development, with a top Verizon engineer spending more than a year working directly on Apple's campus and Apple engineers being provided with „their own laboratory to play with“ at Verizon.

„We probably worked six or nine months on the technical side of this and saw we could make this work,“ he said. „Then we did the commercial side. The commercial deal took us a day.“

To reach a deal, Apple and Verizon had to reconcile different approaches to branding. Verizon puts its stamp on other manufacturers‘ devices, including phones from Research In Motion Ltd. and Motorola. By contrast, only Apple's name appears on the iPhone.

„They don't put a lot of logos on their phones,“ McAdam said in the interview. „So that wasn't a major issue for us.“