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iPad 3 mit 2x Full-HD Display (2560×1920) noch 2011?

20. Juni 2011Allgemein

Versteckt in einem kürzlich veröffentlichten Reuters-Bericht zum kurz bevorstehenden Verkaufsstart des neuen MacBook Air steckt auch ein Gerücht zur nächsten iPad-Generation: Um weiterhin auf Platz 1 des Tablet-Markts zu bleiben, soll Apple das iPad 3 noch im 4. Quartal 2011 heraus bringen, und deutlich an der Display-Auflösung schrauben. Die Rede ist von 2560×1920 Pixeln, also der doppelten Auflösung von „Full HD“.


Das iPad 2 in Seitenansicht

Apple dominates the tablet computer market in the year of 2010; In 2011, a huge number of tablet computers have been introduced and given a general threat to Apple’s leading status, Apple is thinking to give an aggressive counteroffensive.
Apple, in order to maintain a leading position, plans to launch iPad 3 in the fourth quarter by shortening the iPad Product life cycle. And also, try to push the screen resolution of iPad 3 to 2560×1920 , which is the ultimate resolution a 9.7 Inch Panel can achieve and doubles „Full HD„.

Auch, wenn eine solche Displayauflösung so innovativ wäre, wie das Retina Display des iPhone 4 im Vergleich zu seinen Vorgängern, klingt sie doch sehr unwahrscheinlich.
Deutlich glaubhafter ist ein vorgezogener Start des iPad 3, um die Konkurrenz auch ein drittes Mal zu übertrumpfen, bevor diese mit ihren Geräten auf die vorige Generation reagieren konnte.

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  1. Jsjsj21. Juni 2011 um 06:15

    Das bezweifle ich sehr sehr stark 😀

  2. Hendrik Alschner1. Juli 2011 um 16:52

    The 1920er resolution makes sense! All existing iPad-apps would be scaled up, with system graphics and fonts automatically on full Retina HiRes resolution, just as with iPhone and iPhone4 (the ‚@2x:twitter ‚  trick), all existing iPad apps would still work but devs may adapt to the HD screen if they want to. The user needs not to care – well that’s Apple, isn’t it ?

    A5 processor and already blasting iPad2 graphics processor could stem it. No new processors here, just the screen. Now comes the trick:Apple doubles resolution, but also increases screen area by 30%, though will be increasing edge lengths by 15-16%. …which makes an 11 inch diagonal !They’ll call it ‚iPad2 HD‘, so existing iPad2 customers don’t feel bad about it. …and sell it for $749 with 32GB. While iPad2 32GB WiFi costs $599, this will NOT replace iPad2, but will create a real premium offer. No 2011 iPad2 buyer will feel bad about that. With such a move, Apple would clearly kill all existing competitors above the $700 price point, where there is already no iPad killing offer below $500. Competition would be forced even more to ‚cheap tablets‘. An 11″ ‚iPad2 HD‘ at 750-800$ would mean incredible profit margins to Apple, and also strengthen iOS’s already strong reputation.It would just look great while competition would need at least 16 months to get on par. 11″ diagonal, 30% more screen space, 20% increased device size means: bigger battery, increased iPad run time up to 12 hours, truly covering an entire work day.
    The tablet market is too important for Apple as to keep running it with just one product, especially as the current iPad resolution will serve many well enough. Such an ‚iPad2 HD‘ could make it to 30% of all iPad sales in 2012. With having such a highly contributing premium level iPad, Apple could also lower the standard iPad2 entry point to $429, driving competition totally mad.

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