Den iHelicopter stellten wir bereits im August einmal vor. Mit dem neuesten Update geht Hersteller Cobra jetzt noch einmal in die Offensive:


Die neueste Generation der -gesteuerten Hubschrauber besitzt 2 Projektile, die über die Fernsteuerung abgeschossen werden können und bis zu 180 cm weit fliegen. Für 69,99 $ (ca. 50 Euro) eine tolle Spielerei.
Die ältere Version (ohne Geschosse) gibt es jetzt im US Amazon Marketplace bereits ab 42 $ (31 €).

Cobra iHelicopters

Vollständige Presseaussendung im Anschluss: just launched a new controlled toy: The Cobra . Cobra iHelicopters are not ordinary iHelicopters; they are able to launch missiles by having 2 rockets loaded on each side! Point, press the fire button on the controller and targets within 2 meters will be hit! Besides being a rocket launching sharpshooter the Cobra iHelicopter is very detailed and looks exactly like real Cobra Helicopters. Download the controller App from the App Store, plug in the transmitter and you are ready to attack the enemy!

Cobra iHelicopters are available in 2 different designs at our store located at The Cobra iHelicopter sells at $69.95, including free shipping to any destination in the world!

PS. Don't point it at the one you love, hunt the dog or cat of your neighbors!

Product Features:
Battery: 3.7V 160mAh Li-Polymer
Movement: Left/Right Rotation, Forward/Back, Hover and Land
Control Range: 10~15 meter
3 Channel Band Selection (A/B/C)
Gyro Tilt Control
Suitable for all iPhone, and iPod Touch models

Charge Time:
– Transmitter: 120 minutes
– iHelicopter: 45 minutes

Playing Time:
– Transmitter: 120 minutes
– iHelicopter: 8-10 minutes

Package Contents:
– iHelicopter (100% Assembled)
– Missiles (6x)
– Tank Shooting Card Board (2x)
– Transmitter
– Spare Rotor Blades (2x)
– Spare Tail Propeller
– USB Charger Cable
– Instruction Manual

Operating instructions:
– Download and install the “udirc” App from the App Store (
– Charge the transmitter and iHelicopter via USB
– Plug the transmitter in the audio jack of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
– Turn the volume to the max
– Fly the Cobra iHelicopter and shoot the enemy!