Wie sähe wohl eine Kreuzung zwischen und iPad 2 aus? Mit seinem Konzept beantwortet Craig Philips diese Frage sehr eindrücklich:

Konzept: iPhone 5 meets iPad 2

Kurven und Formfaktor des iPad 2 finden in dem schön gemachten iPhone 5 Mockup ebenso platz, wie ein größeres Display, und das bei weiter reduzierter Dicke.

Personally, I think the iPhone 5 will sport a design which has undertones of the original. A ‘bak-to-basics' design mixed with the ‘look-how-far-we've-come' moniker. The speaker grill used on the iPad 2 (I'm guessing) will make an appearance in the design. IPhone's want to be gaming devices – and to mix it with the big boys, a superior sound quality experience is required. The grill also would tie their line of products together and further push the identity of the brand into the mind-set of the people (although its not exactly needed due to Apple already being at the forefront of most people's mind-set).