startete mit dem neuesten Galaxy S II wieder einmal einen neuen Angriff auf das 4S – genauer gesagt die langen Warteschlangen, die sich vor dem Verkaufsstart jedes iPhones traditionell bilden:


The ad plays on the excitement of iPhone fans waiting to get their hands on a new model who are then distracted by seeing passersby carrying the Samsung . The iPhone fans‘ interest is gradually piqued, although some hold out in their apparently irrational dedication to the iPhone:

iPhone fan: „I could never get a Samsung. I'm creative.“

Friend: „Dude, you're a barista.“

The ad goes on to tout the Galaxy S II's large screen and 4G data capabilities, concluding with one of the Samsung users saying, „Yeah, it's a Galaxy S II. This phone…is amazing.“

Was denkt ihr – hat das Galaxy S II das Zeug zum iPhone Killer?