Otterbox Defender - bester Schutz für iPhone und iPad

Der bekannte englischsprachige Apple-Blog gibt der Otterbox Defender Schutzhülle in seinem aktuellen Review beste Noten:

Mit dem Otterbox Defender bekommt man eines der vielseitigsten und am besten schützenden Cases, die es derzeit gibt.

Den vollständigen Text gibt's hier bei 9to5Mac oder im Anschluss.

Vorher möchten wir aber noch darauf hinweisen, dass es die Cases auch bei unserem Partnershop gibt:

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4S review: One of the most versatile and protective cases available

I have been using the Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 4S for a couple of months now and it is one of the most versatile and most protective pieces of phone protection currently on the market. The outer design of the case, what you and others see, is an apparently rubberized material – but do not be deceived by that soft appearance and soft feel. It is a heavy-duty case that does a fantastic job at protecting your phone.

The Defender is a three-layered case. The first layer is an inner plastic shell that you slide your phone into, and this hard, yet lightweight, plastic protects your iPhone 4S from dents. That first layer is augmented with the rubbery layer that adds more protect against drops, but also protects against scratches. Its rubbery material makes sure that when your phone is dropped in any environment it is safe. The third layer is a belt clip that adds some more protection, but its main purpose is to, of course, allow you to wear your iPhone on your belt or clothing…

Although the case is thicker than your typical consumer iPhone 4S case, it can be used effectively by anyone. I have personally been using it to protect my phone and its slight addition of weight and thickness has not been an issue for me. Additionally, this case adds the convenience of a built-in screen protector and a built-in stand (by way of the belt clip), making it one of the most versatile cases on the market. We recommend the Otterbox Defender for anyone who keeps their phone in an environment where the phone can become damaged, or for anyone who just wants that extra layer of protection and convenient features that other cases do not offer.

The Otterbox Defender for the iPhone 4S is available in multiple colors, most of which are two-tone: black, gray/green, yellow/gray, ocean/night blue, light teal/dark teal, pink/plum, white/gray, gray/pink. The case fits the iPhone 4S antenna bands and supports the iPhone 4. The case is available for $49 from Otterbox but is much cheaper through Amazon (starting under $30).