Sony Exmor R Kameramodule für das iPhone 5? Die vage Andeutung von CEO Howard Stringer, dass sich die Lieferung der besten Kameramodule an Apple verzögere, gab dem Gerücht freien Lauf, dass von seinem bisherigen -Produzenten zu Sony gewechselt haben könnte.
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The original article also quoted Stringer as saying: „It always puzzles me, why would I make Apple the best camera?“ Reiner interpreted this as a rhetorical question meant to suggest that Sony would not help Apple by supplying cameras for the next iPhone.
„A closer look at the article that sparked the conjecture suggests Stringer implied just the opposite — i.e. that the notion of such a hook-up was rather silly,“ Reiner said. „Based on our independent field work, we continue to strongly believe that OmniVision has won the image sensor slots on the next iPhone.“
Reiner said that he believes the „blogosphere has grossly inverted the meaning of Stringer's statements.“ However, the original report from writer Jessica E. Vascellaro of the Journal also raised the question of what Stringer meant by his comments.