Um gegen die schlechten Arbeitsbedingungen des Zulieferers von und weiteren Firmen zu protestieren, startete die Hackergruppe offenbar einen – erfolgreichen – Angriff auf die Server von Foxconn. Über eine Sicherheitslücke im Internet Explorer eines Mitarbeiters erlangten sie Zugriff auf einen der -Server, und konnten so die von Kunden für Online-Aufträge, und auch Zugangsinfos aller Mitarbeiter zum Intranet ergattern und veröffentlichen.

Foxconn Server gehackt, Accounts von Apple und weiteren Kunden ausgelesen

Mit dabei waren nicht nur die Benutzerdaten großer Kunden wie Apple, sondern auch die von Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. Mit diesen war es für kurze Zeit möglich, große Bestellungen im Namen der jeweiligen Kunden aufzugeben, inzwischen sind die betroffenen Server aber geschlossen.

Die vollständige Nachricht von SwaggSec, inkl. Torrent-Link zu den geleakten Daten, gibt's im Anschluss.

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## Hacking Today for an Entertaining Tomorrow.

Users of Cyberspace,

So Foxconn thinks they got ‘em some swagger because they work with the Big Boys from Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple? Fool, You don't know what swagger is. They say you got your employees all worked up, committing suicide ‘n stuff. They say you hire chinese workers 'cause you think the taiwanese are elite. We got somethin' served up good…real good. Your not gonna' know what hit you by the time you finish this release. Your company gonna' crumble, and you deserve it.
Upon switching the radio from Nicki Minaj's self-enforcing, lack of content, stereotypical song, “Stupid Hoe”; We switched on BBC Radio, the leading source of unbiased material. A short segment on the manufacturer giant Foxconn, came up reporting on the inhuman conditions the workers experience. A few days later an almost viral rumor about an Iphone 5 with a 4-inch screen being manufactured, as claimed by an employee from the infamous Foxconn. Now as a first impression Swagg Security would rather not deceive the public of our intentions. Although we are considerably disappointed of the conditions of Foxconn, we are not hacking a corporation for such a reason and although we are slightly interested in the existence of an Iphone 5, we are not hacking for this reason. We hack for the cyberspace who share a few common viewpoints and philosophies. We enjoy exposing governments and corporations, but the more prominent reason, is the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure. How unethical right? Perhaps for the layman who has conformed to a society raised by the government that actively seeks to maintain power and quell threats to their ventures. But to us and many others, the destruction of an infrastructure, the act of destruction that does not affect an individual, brings a sense of newfound content, a unique feeling, along with a new chance to start your own venture.
This is Swagg Security, we aim to to reshape your perspectives, our perspectives, by the inducing of entertainment. A unique approach to spreading a unique philosophy which brings the sought after tranquility. In a way we are “hacktivist”, but in our own views we are Greyhats. We believe there is no reality in hacktivism, even with good intentions. We know those who claim to be “hacktivists” that inside of you, a suppressed part of you, enjoys playing a part in the anarchist event of hacking of an infrastructure. One which at the same time presents a challenge, upon completing reveals an almost unknown feeling of a menacing satisfaction. We encourage not to continue quelling such a natural emotion but to embrace it. Only when embracing what society has taught you to hinder, is when you realize your own identity.
We encourage media, security experts, and other interested individuals to explore our leaks. Foxconn did have an appropriate firewall, but fortunately to our intent, we were able to bypass it almost flawlessly. Of course with funding ourselves we did have our limitations. But with several hacking techniques employed, and a couple of days in time, we were able to dump most of everything of significance. We now appropriately give consent to other individuals reading this release, to scavenge through the leaks acquiring usernames and passwords; while attempting to find if they use the passwords anywhere else. Remember damage is bliss. Without further undue, the leaks.

The Hackers with Swagger,
Swagg Security
Note: The passwords inside these files could allow individuals to make fraudulent orders under big companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, and Dell. Be careful ; )

Torrent to Foxconn Leak and Dump(Please Seed):
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