Einstein Emulator: Newton OS auf iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Newton Never Dies - unter diesem Motto portierte Matthias Melcher das Betriebssystem des Apple Newton bzw. MessagePad jetzt auch auf die neuesten iGeräte: Mit dem Einstein Emulator kann man eines der ersten Betriebssysteme für die Apple PDAs - und Vorgänger des iPad - aus dem Jahr 1993 am iPhone, iPad und iPod Touch erleben:


Einige zusätzliche Infos zur Emulator-App:

1. At this time, they can’t release a binary of the emulator, because it currently requires the Newton ROM image to be compiled in. Obviously, nobody has the right to distribute the ROM image except for Apple. The plan is to change things around so you can dump the ROM from your own Newton, and side-load it into the app via iTunes’ file exchange feature.
2. The emulator is a bit slow and occasionally glitchy. It runs at maybe half the speed of a real Newton. But I hear there are a lot of optimizations yet to be made, which should vastly improve the situation.
3. It’s not completely tied into the iOS hardware yet — for example, a physical iPad keyboard won’t work, and it doesn’t yet read the time and date from the iPad, and so on. The to-do list is long, but the progress is exciting.
4. There is probably not even a remote chance that they will let this on the App Store.

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